It’s been a while

I’m sitting in McDonald’s  on my friend’s laptop because I don’t have internet at my friend’s apartment. I don’t know how many posts I would written if I had more access to the internet. I feel like I have things to say but not exactly sure what is good to write about. I don’t know what people want to read about. I guess I’ll do what I’ve always done which is just write about whatever topic is in my head at that moment. 

I have filled out dozens and dozens of applications and did tons of assessments to only have 3 interviews and not back from any of them. I knew a lot of places wouldn’t call me until around November to hire seasonal help. I tried the mall first then when I didn’t hear back about a month or so, I caved and applied for McDonald’s. Applied for Wendy’s today. I don’t what it is with fast-food places but it is the last place anyone wants to work. I am still a little bummed that I did apply. If I do get a job at either place, I want to be proud of where I work. To enjoy going to work. 

I know not having a college degree makes a difference but does it really? Would me being enrolled in college and going make a difference? Why should it when it seems like people can’t get a job in the field they got a degree in? Why is a degree so important?

I want to do trauma psychology when I get my degree but I know that means at least a masters and probably a doctorate.

I’ve questioned God many times about why can’t I just go help the displaced people and the victims of abuse and/or sex trafficking right now. Why I should I need the degree? I know I need to learn things but I have always been a hands-on kind of learner. 

I don’t really need to answers to any of these questions. This is my writing process. Most of this would go in my journal or stay in my head but I am trying to write a post so I pretty much just word vomited.