Knowledge of full dependence is key

The key for God to unlock the doors that He plans for me to go though.My heart is for traveling, loving on people, and getting to know people but God has me going to back to school to get BA in psychology. I know that I’ll get to do all the things my heart wants while in school, they just won’t be the priority for the next few years. I also know that God has given me three big dreams that I will only be able to accomplish through having 120% dependence on him. This is something I have and will have to continually remind myself of.

What are my three big dreams?
1. To work with youth that have been abused, addicts, and/or homeless.

2. To help set up a specific program within in the trauma and crisis counseling for victims of sex slavery.

3. To somehow work with refugees affected by genocides. 

My passions are huge for all of them and it is going to take a lot of work, time, and dependence on God to keep me on track. I don’t know exactly the timeline or how this is going to happen. These are the only puzzle pieces God gave for the future. Not the big picture but I know that is how God works. Because I know if I knew the big picture then I wouldn’t have to put so much faith in Him or have to fully depend on Him. 

If I did what my heart wants, I would be filling out a squad leading application where I would be leading a World Race squad that launches either in July or September. 
If I did what my hearts wants, I would be planning a trip to Nepal for this December.
If I did what my hearts wants, I would move to Gainesville, GA to be with World Race alumni because even though there would be hard times…I would be in a community living in a pretty nice lake house that God blessed AIM with.
BUT God is changing my heart…slowly, but I trust that is what He is doing or He’ll lead me to somewhere differently.


Dear CGA students

You are blessed. God has given you this opportunity to live in such authentic community and he is wanting to remind you of the beauty of it. He wants to show you tiny bits of His plan but only when you are ready. Wait in expectancy but have patience so that you’re able to recognize His voice whispering His plans for you. He delights in your willingness to become messy to bring others freedom.

He cherishes this time with you. This time to learn more about Him and who he is to you. He has given you this space so that His spirit can run freely amongst all of you and throughout the different ministries you are apart of. Don’t be scared to speak up because His spirit will speak through you so there is no need to worry about what to say and what to do.

He has you where He needs you and as always, there is a reason. He will reveal that reason in time. Dig deep into His word and look up studies to be able to understand what He is trying to convey. It might look different to others but whatever it looks like is how God wants you to perceive and having conversations with others about different passages help you see a new outlook. This is all planned by God. Don’t get frustrated that others might see something different in a passage than you do. Don’t get upset if their view is different. You all are in different places in your walks with God. Abba is waiting on His children to let Him lavish mercy, grace, and love fully upon them. They are like waterfalls that’ll never stop. You may feel like He has stopped but that is just because you stepped out from under the waterfall.

….well, I might have more later but just wanted to write this while in the beautiful Hylton house and where the spirit’s voice is more clear.