Facts of being a church going college student not in your hometown

I haven’t been to church in two weeks. The only communication from someone at he church was the man who picks me up on Sunday. I let them I would need a ride last night and I get a text about a thanksgiving party today when it was in the bulletin on Sunday.

I am not putting full blame on the people of the church but it makes me wonder did anyone know I wasn’t there.. And  why did it take me reaching out for them to start communication.

I guess that is the difficult part of being a college student who became a member of a church not in my hometown. I know college ministry is hard thing to do. There are never consistent numbers and many people church hop so why should I expect them to try to build any kind of community with/for me. I know this paragraph makes me sound selfish but that isn’t my point. I am writing this so that if any of them or maybe people from other Christian communities will notice similarities in the different situations that I am talking about. And that will hopefully help them in the future.

Maybe that is why there are campus ministries and why so many college students stop going to church once they go to college. I know many people say it is because it is the first time that not under their parent’s wings and they have to do decide what the believe. I think both are true.

I guess another factor would that there are a few other college students who is here for school in my church college group but they aren’t active as me. That not a bad thing just a factor. I know another factor is that I am older than the typical college student.

Every person’s situation will be different. Same with the church’s situation.

One of the problems that the church has to deal with is how to form a community and how to prevent quick turnover with the leadership. I could see the church questioning is it worth it to have a college ministry at church or should they just let the campus ministries have the out of town college students.

I don’t have a solution to this problem but maybe someone can find one.